Driving courses

From the basics to dedicated courses for aspiring drivers and professionals.

Our experienced instructors are waiting to support you during your driving course or training programme to help you improve your skills behind the wheel and let you experience the thrill of the track to the highest safety standards. Thus, you will be the protagonist of a unique experience: your passion is our passion. 

Drive it, feel it. 

And you, what kind of driver do you want to be?


The course allows you to increase your mastery of the car, hone your technique and improve your skills.
After a short and intense theory session, you will experience the thrill of the track as a passenger of one of our drivers and then move on to driving sessions in our cars. At the end, briefing and film analysis to correct, evaluate and refine your skills.


A focused training programme over several sessions in one day that allows you to improve your mastery of the car with a fully dedicated instructor to enjoy the full track experience in our Porsche GT3RS. Your instructor will show you the full potential of the car and track to help you push your limits and improve your driving skills. During the training sessions there will be briefings, telemetry data analysis and films to correct, evaluate and refine your skills.


A training programme dedicated to people who have already gained experience in track driving. The course includes several driving sessions on board one of our GT3 CUP racing cars with the entire technical team at your side: instructor, engineer and mechanics.
BeRace courses are also suitable for drivers who need pre-race training sessions.


A training programme with a focus on prevention and road safety designed by our instructors to improve your mastery of the car, deal with the unexpected situations that everyday life can force you to face, and improve your driving skills without sacrificing fun.


BeTeam is the branch dedicated to companies that want to offer their employees a unique experience they will not easily forget! Adrenalin, fun, enthusiasm and team spirit will be the key ingredients to encourage confrontation between participants and foster team building.
We will build a tailor-made project together with you company in line with your objectives by providing all our know-how and passion.

Contact us to realise your BeTeam project!