Legal notes

Legal notes

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According to Article 1, paragraph 125-bis, of Law August 4, 2017, No. 124, in compliance with the transparency obligation, the subsidies and contributions received from the State are reported:

Year 2021:

  • Euro 2,000.00 received on 18/05/2021, "Non-repayable contribution in favor of economic operators" pursuant to Article 1, D.L. 41/2021 converted with modifications into Law 69/2021.
  • Euro 2,000.00 received on 24/06/2021, "Automatic non-repayable contribution" pursuant to Article 1, paragraphs 1-4, D.L. 73/2021.
  • Euro 700,000.00 disbursed by Banco BPM on 20/05/2021 - loan assisted by the direct guarantee of the Guarantee Fund for SMEs – Unsecured loan for investments/working capital/liquidity pursuant to Legislative Decree April 8, 2020, No. 23 – DL Liquidity art.13, letters c) and d) "COVID-19 Emergency". The company extinguished the aforementioned loan during the course of 2022.

Year 2022:

In the year 2022, no subsidies, contributions, remunerated assignments, or any economic benefits of any kind were received from public administrations.